“The precious finishing touches.” Discover lesson 6 of the master Sandro Gonnella

lesson N°6

Putting your work at the service of customers

In his last lecture, Sandro shows us the finished pair of glasses. We note immediately that the colours of the acetate are reversed with respect to those we saw in the previous tutorial. The customer has requested a change that persuaded the master craftsmen to start the work process over from the beginning. This is common practice in the world of craftsmanship, which gives prime importance to being willing to satisfy the customer rather than following a standardized procedure. A final product that satisfies the taste of the buyer cannot be created without a continuous dialogue between the two parties.

The details of a one-of-a kind pair of glasses

To complete the glasses, Sandro applies the hallmark of Ozona: a small ball of red coral. A detail that makes all his creations instantly recognisable.

Unlike many other brands, his name is not used. Our sole point of reference is a red ball. Unique and unexpected, like his work.

Insert and adjust the temples

Sandro then joins the temples to the frame by tightening the tiny screws of the endpieces. Then, thanks to the warmth of the ventilated heater, the master regulates temples and frame in order to balance the glasses perfectly. To understand when the glasses are really perfect, they must be placed on a flat surface to verfiy that no point causes them to oscillate. It is also important to repeat this operation with the frame upside down, so as to verify the corresponding balancing point.

To each pair of glasses the right case

The glasses are now ready. The last service to the client is the selection of a case, which is also 100% handmade. Sandro produces different types of handmade cases using original fabrics from the '60s and '70s. A touch of style that denotes a unique aesthetic to which his customers frequently and spontaneously refer. All that remains to do is send his masterpiece to the customer, along with the entire digital dossier of his creation: a part of the experience "Made in Italy" which makes Sandro unique in his field.

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The tailored eyewear course

In 6 lessons Sandro Gonnella will illustrate how a dialogue with the customer, various inspirations and technology can give rise to a true masterpiece "Made in Italy." All the secrets and tips for talented young people from the most appreciated "eyeglass tailor" in the world.

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Lesson n° 1

Knowing your customer means being able to design the perfect eyewear. How to establish a genuine relationship and intuitively use small details to choose the features of the finished eyewear.

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Lesson n° 2

Designing a tailor-made frame. How to take inspiration from art, architecture and the local territory and then imagine the perfect pair of glasses for each customer. Creative interaction with the client.

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Lesson n° 3

From the design to the pantograph. Cutting the nose pads, the lens and the rim: the primordial frame takes shape. Feedback and interaction with the customer.

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Lesson n° 4

Having obtained a basic model with the pantograph, now all sharp edges and the excess material left by the first mechanical cutting must be removed skilfully by hand.

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Lesson n° 5

How to obtain the characteristic curve of the bridge of the glasses by using the Clavulus. In addition, how to choose and manually apply the perfect endpieces for any type of temple.

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Lesson n° 6

Once the tumbling has been completed in a specialised laboratory, it is time to apply the "signature" that a young outstanding craftsman Made in Italy should use to take his place in the world. To conclude the customer experience, a suitable handmade case must be chosen and all the elements in detail must be given a final cleaning.

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