“How a Venini creation is perfected” Discover lesson 6 of the Venini masters

lesson N°6

Decorations, cold processes and finishes.

The grinding phase is where the final enhancements of Venini works take place. In regard to the "Bubbles" vases, for example, it is necessary to gently remove the temporary "prop," then perfect and polish the bottom. The "Handkerchief", likewise, must be polished in every detail.

Some classical Venini works, however, acquire their final appearance right here in the grinding area, thanks to characteristic processes that are 100% manual.

This is the case of the famous vase by Carlo Scarpa. The technique of battitura (beating) makes it possible to manually realise the individual grooves that characterise the design conceived by Scarpa, with the aid of simple rotating metal wheels . It thus becomes possible to "cold" model the glass surface, creating special lighting effects that affect the deeper layers of the mass of glass.

The Venini signature in the world.

Each Venini object is signed and numbered by hand thanks to a stylus and the know-how of a specialised master. It is in this way that the craftsmanship is "initialled" and proclaimed, and then announced and spread throughout the world. None of the current excellence of Venini would be possible today without new young people who learn the ancient craft techniques, or without the creativity of designers able to imagine new horizons for this great body of manual knowledge.

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The glass master course

In 6 lessons Roberto Gasparotto will illustrate the basics of the art glass tradition that has made the creativity of the Venini masters beloved throughout the world. From the moment of inspiration to the discovery of all the secrets to creating enduring works that bend the laws of physics to their will.

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Lesson n° 1

Design that combines tradition and innovation How to combine inspiration with contemporary tastes and techniques that have produced excellence over the centuries.

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Lesson n° 2

The craftsmanship behind artistically blown transparencies. How to test and sample the exact colour of the glass.

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Lesson n° 5

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Lesson n° 6

How an unmistakable sign is born. All the cold finishes of an art glass company that is loved around the world.

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