E-bikes and motorbikes

It's an Italian story of absolute dedication to the world of bikes, spanning a period of more than 100 years and pooling the resources both of tradition and innovation.

Our family's life has always been tied in with motors.
It started with my grandfather, then came my dad and then it was my turn.

With Massimo, we see the dawning of the era of the scooter

Consumers' needs changed in the late 1980s.

It was an idea I had, thinking about the marketplace. We focussed on scooters. During that period, new models were developed that have made their mark, worldwide, on the history of the Italian scooter.

Italjet today

After a period of great change, Italjet now banks on the values that had already brought renown to this company: quality, innovation, Made in Italy.

It was thought that the skills that embody "made in Italy", and which set us apart worldwide, had become a thing of the past. We have now recovered our role as protagonists of the future.



In 6 lessons, Massimo Tartarini tells is how an E-Bike is born.

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Lesson n° 1

Let's look at the first design steps toward an E-Bike.

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Lesson n° 2

How to move on from a sketch on paper to an engineering project.

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Lesson n° 3

All-embracing research.

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Lesson n° 4

From design to object. The prototype.

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Lesson n° 5

Mass production.

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Lesson n° 6


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Massimo Tartarini

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