“Finishing the Leaves seat” Follow Lesson no. 6 by Maestro Sampietro

lesson N°6

From laser cutting to adding the final touches by hand

During these five lessons we've seen how the forge has produced Manuela Busetti's Leaves seat. We've gone through the various stages from the original idea to the laser cutting, and to the leaves joined together to make up the carpet. During this final lesson, Mario will show us how to join the carpet of leaves to the inner frame of the seat. This is an extremely demanding task requiring the greatest delicacy and expertise.

All the 'tricks' of the metal shaping trade

Now that we've joined the leaves, the time has come to perfect the form of our creation. The carpet is kilned so that the metal becomes malleable. We then remove the structure from the kiln and position it on the metal pipes, and heat the carpet again using an oxyhydrogen flame. Then with extreme care and patience each leaf is moulded in accordance not only with the sinuosity of the forms themselves but also with the formal exigencies posed by the inner structure.

Durable welding

Mario shows us how to join the carpet of leaves to the frame. The welding is conducted with brass or silver. Each curve of the carpet of leaves is firmly fixed to the core structure of the seating. Again, an artisan's expertise and eye are required to ensure top quality work and an unbreakable bond between the leaves and the frame.

If the product looks as it should do and is ergonometrically as specified, then our work at the forge is over!

The seat will then be sanded, galvanized and painted. Only after this will it be ready for outdoor use.

Design, 100% Made in Italy

The Leaves seat is just one instance of the kind of teamwork we at Sampietro 1927 engage in together with young designers. in In the search for excellence, the most innovative experimentation and ancient traditions join forces. Excellence under the banner, renowned worldwide, of Made in Italy. Mario hopes more and more Italian youngsters will learn this trade and bring to it their own innovations.

Arts and crafts require the creative contributions of the young. Only then can the heritage of past epochs become a vital resource for the future!

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digital blacksmith's course

In 6 lessons, Mario Sampietro shows us how to take a designer's project and make it real, through use of the latest technologies and crafts traditions. Here's the information youngsters will need on the opportunities provided by a most ancient art, seen through the lens of innovation.

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Lesson n° 1

Planning the design work, and the importance of teamwork with young designers like Manuela Busetti. Taking an idea through to the detailed digital design stage.

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Lesson n° 2

Laser cutting technology and Italian craftspeople. The functions of a highly innovative technology machine that has innovated production stages.

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Lesson n° 3

Turning the profiled foil into a genuine leaf. Moulds created to inject life into Manuela Busetti's armchair, and the moulding stage.

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Lesson n° 4

Calendering, welding and grinding iron pipes. All the secrets that go into the 'heart and soul' of the Leaves armchair!

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Lesson n° 5

The carpet of leaves. How to bring together a hundred leaves and create a 'fabric' that is faithful to the original technical drawing, right down to the smallest detail.

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Lesson n° 6

How to adapt the armchair's carpet of leaves. The finished Leaves armchair and the never-ending possibilities for wrought iron as a part of the contemporary design scene.

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