Mario Sampietro Digital blacksmith “The ancient art of iron work revolutionized the world. With tradition, design and innovation, we can add a further chapter to the book of history”.
Discover the secrets of Sampietro 1927


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Sampietro 1927. Tradition and innovation

Mario, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, manages the Sampietro 1927 forge with one eye on the grand old traditions and another on the most modern and innovative disciplines and technologies.

Since 2010, our efforts have been directed toward forging links between artisanship of the first order, quality of materials and next-generation technologies.

OOO L'arte del ferro battuto è un'arte millenaria, dalle tradizioni artigianali ormai consolidate - tutto all'interno della fucina segue i saperi tramandati dalla tradizone - ma, oggi più che mai grazie alle sperimentazioni, riesce ad incontrare il mondo del design e dell'architettura contemporanea per dare vita a opere uniche di altissima qualità.

Artisanship and design, together

Care and attention are required at all production stages, Crafts excellence and the latest technologies are combined. The technologies include laser cutting for peerless quality in all Sampietro products. This is why young Italian and foreign artists come to us to create their works.

For our work, technology is fundamental, but it can never replace the skills of an artisan. This is why each work is unique!

It's team spirit between the artisan and designer right from the word go. From inspiration and the drawing, through to completion of the work. Collaboration of this kind provides a vast pool of experience which both the artisan and the designer can profit from, while creating new, innovative works that will attract attention worldwide.



In 6 lessons, Mario Sampietro shows us how to take a designer's project and make it real, through use of the latest technologies and crafts traditions. Here's the information youngsters will need on the opportunities provided by a most ancient art, seen through the lens of innovation.

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Lesson n° 1

Planning the design work, and the importance of teamwork with young designers like Manuela Busetti. Taking an idea through to the detailed digital design stage.

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Lesson n° 2

Laser cutting technology and Italian craftspeople. The functions of a highly innovative technology machine that has innovated production stages.

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Lesson n° 3

Turning the profiled foil into a genuine leaf. Moulds created to inject life into Manuela Busetti's armchair, and the moulding stage.

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Lesson n° 4

Calendering, welding and grinding iron pipes. All the secrets that go into the 'heart and soul' of the Leaves armchair!

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Lesson n° 5

The carpet of leaves. How to bring together a hundred leaves and create a 'fabric' that is faithful to the original technical drawing, right down to the smallest detail.

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Lesson n° 6

How to adapt the armchair's carpet of leaves. The finished Leaves armchair and the never-ending possibilities for wrought iron as a part of the contemporary design scene.

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