“Labelling and tasting” Follow lesson no. 4 by Marcello Lunelli

lesson N°4


Let's now look at the two final production stages when the bottles are prepared for sale. First, we have the labelling. The label is the way each Ferrari bottle is 'dressed'. The 'dresses' or labels change according to product (classic, reserves, large formats). We then have the packaging and warehouse storage stage.

The bottles are boxed, transferred to the warehouse and then shipped. This stage is carried out only manually. The bottle is now ready. All production stages have been completed. All required quality controls have been successfully carried out. Actually, not all...
We mustn't forget perhaps the most important test of all − tasting the sparkling wine that we have produced.


Tasting entails three stages of sensorial analysis: visual, olfactory, and gustatory. At the very start there are a number of characteristics and parameters that must be considered such as colour, limpidity and consistency, varying from wine to wine among the products we are to taste.

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classic method sparkling wines course

During his 4 lessons, Marcello Lunelli tells us how classic method sparkling wines are produced.

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Lesson n° 1

Let's look at the procedures called first and second fermentation!

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Lesson n° 2

Riddling, or shaking, and disgorging follow the two fermentation stages.

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Lesson n° 3

We then add a mixture of sugars, wines and liqueurs. This is the stage called "rabbocco" (topping up).

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Lesson n° 4

After washing, the bottles are ready for labelling and, at last, tasting.

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