“Topping up and washing” Follow lesson no. 3 by Marcello Lunelli

lesson N°3

Topping up

The next stage of the production process leading to the finished bottle entails the addition of a mixture of sugar and reserve wines to make up for the product lost during disgorging, with removal of the ice plug.
This is the stage called topping up (or "rabbocco"), a procedure that harbours secrets jealously guarded by all sparkling wine houses, constituting a finishing stage vital for the character of all Trentodoc wines. At this stage other wine may be introduced into the bottle and also a "liqueur d’expédition" (a mixture of liqueurs, the composition of which each wine house shall keep secret).

Sealing and washing the bottles

The bottle shall then be sealed for the first time with the definitive cork bung. This is the final stage of the production process. Although this is the most mechanical stage, our experts shall nevertheless carry out the vital task of supervision. Our experts' long experience plays a key role, ensuring machine controls and safety and the high quality standards our wine house insists on.

When the definitive cork bung has been inserted, the metal wire muselet is then applied and the bottle (which may well have been wetted or stained during the various production stages) is washed.


classic method sparkling wines course

During his 4 lessons, Marcello Lunelli tells us how classic method sparkling wines are produced.

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Lesson n° 1

Let's look at the procedures called first and second fermentation!

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Lesson n° 2

Riddling, or shaking, and disgorging follow the two fermentation stages.

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Lesson n° 3

We then add a mixture of sugars, wines and liqueurs. This is the stage called "rabbocco" (topping up).

Lesson n° 4

After washing, the bottles are ready for labelling and, at last, tasting.

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