“The two fermentation processes” Follow lesson no. 1 by Marcello Lunelli

lesson N°1


The harvested grapes are pressed, and what is called the "mosto" (must) is extracted. The must that has been obtained from the pressing is then transferred to steel tanks for first fermentation.

The period of maturation of a Trentodoc wine varies. The minimum time is 15 months for a brut; 24 months for a vintage; and 36 months for a reserve. The maturation is fundamental for achieving the organoleptic complexity that we wish to confer upon our classic method sparkling wines.


When the first fermentation stage has been completed, the must (which has become "base wine" in the meantime) is bottled together with the yeasts that shall cause "second fermentation".

Second fermentation (or re-fermentation) in the bottle is the characteristic feature of "classic method" sparkling wines, as opposed to the Charmat method, with its brief re-fermentation in autoclaves.

This process lasts for at least twenty-four months, and can last for as many as ten years for top class products − and even more for special reserves.

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classic method sparkling wines course

During his 4 lessons, Marcello Lunelli tells us how classic method sparkling wines are produced.

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Lesson n° 1

Let's look at the procedures called first and second fermentation!

Lesson n° 2

Riddling, or shaking, and disgorging follow the two fermentation stages.

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Lesson n° 3

We then add a mixture of sugars, wines and liqueurs. This is the stage called "rabbocco" (topping up).

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Lesson n° 4

After washing, the bottles are ready for labelling and, at last, tasting.

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