“A board ready to hit the slopes” Follow Lesson no. 6 by Maestro Isacco

lesson N°6

Finishing by hand

At last the board is ready for the finishing touches! When it's removed from the mould, Omar's ready to finish the board and create the inserts (i.e. the holes required for the bindings).


The bottom is the part of the board that comes into contact directly with the snow. It must therefore be perfectly smoothed down. Smoothing is therefore vital in all snowboards.

After the earlier rougher stage we now use a finer grain for smoothing.

We use an inclined miller and orbital sander to manually finish all the details. The bottom and sidewalls are then closely inspected before we go on to the next stage.

The secrets and traditions handed down to us from the past

Waxing is absolutely vital if the board is to slide perfectly on the snow. At Funky we do it the way the founding fathers of snowboard and skiing have always done it! We apply the wax using a special iron.

The wax penetrates the very small holes on the bottom, making for faster action on the slopes.

Quality control

At Funky, the boards are all checked very close up. First we check the thickness and also the precision of the graphics. We also check how smooth the bottom is. Then, in order to make sure the materials have been correctly inserted into the board, Isacco shows us how to perform torsion control.

100% Made in Funky

Funky boards are made for enjoyment on the slopes. Every year, we produce a limited amount of very high quality boards. This is why the serial number is added only when the board's ready for use.

Absolute dedication. Fun. Friendliness and friendship. All are part of the world of Funky, and the world of snowboards. Plus the web. Funky's 'pride and joy' is its own community. People who won't settle for less than absolute perfection and tip-top performance ratings, and the enjoyment of great company amid the peaks!

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snowboard shaper's course

Isacco Mantegazza explains in 6 lessons how young people, next-generation technologies and crafts traditions can combine to produce unique snowboards with absolute top-class, unrepeatable performance ratings!

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Lesson n° 1

Where does it all start? Snowboards, inspiration, study of forms, sketches and digital drawing work.

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Lesson n° 2

The graphic design work makes for unique snowboards. Unique both performance-wise and look-wise! The inspiration and team spirit you need to create limited editions.

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Lesson n° 3

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Lesson n° 5

All the secrets behind snowboard assembly. Use of materials with top performance ratings for perfect snowboards.

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Lesson n° 6

Meticulous, precise - the work required for a perfect finish. How do you test for the performance ratings of a snowboard once its been produced? Manual elasticity control. Lastly, serial number stamping.

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