“Snowboard assembly” Follow Lesson no. 5 by Maestro Isacco

lesson N°5

Board components assembling

Assembling a Funky snowboard requires the shaper's full attention. Isacco walks us through some of the basic steps and shows us how to bring together the various components that we saw in the last lesson. The first thing to do is position and block, with pliers, the bottom on a mould.

The bottom was cut using a numerical control machine, with a 2-mm recess on the edges. This enables insertion of the strip.

The ferrules and strip are inserted with glue and pliers. Isacco explains that the various elements must be very accurately measured. The materials must all be glued together with absolute precision.

The resin and its secrets

With the resin that Omar has prepared we join the fibreglass and the inserts (made of special materials selected during the lesson that came before dealing with the bottom). When the resin is poured onto the board, our movements must be precise and rapid. The shaper has no more than half an hour in which to assemble the various parts of the board. A special rubber is used to enhance bonding among the elements and for greater durability of the materials (developed internally by Funky, this rubber is a concrete example of our excellence!).

Our boards are all sandwich constructed so that the materials all bond with each other.

The importance of the press

When the various elements of the board have been assembled, the board is placed in a press where the glue and resin thicken. The press stage is vitally important for perfect results. Isacco explains that if the settings are imprecise or the wrong temperature is selected, the press will go against the flex specifications and alter the final colours of the graphics.

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Isacco Mantegazza explains in 6 lessons how young people, next-generation technologies and crafts traditions can combine to produce unique snowboards with absolute top-class, unrepeatable performance ratings!

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