“Core, sidewalls and bottom” Follow Lesson no. 4 by Maestro Isacco

lesson N°4

Numerical-control machine

When the graphics work has been completed on the two surface layers, you must now shape the various parts that make up the form of the snowboard.

First the balsa inside is shaped using numerical-control machinery. The ferrules and surfaces are then finished by hand, with the rough parts smoothed off.

The numerical-control machine is used not only to shape the core but also to produce regularly spaced holes. Isacco explains that the holes are then used for the inserts for the bindings on the finished board.

Bottom and sidewalls

With the same technology used for the wooden core, you now make the board's bottom and sidewalls. Isacco explains that great care must be taken over the profiles since the thickness varies according to where they are located in the board. Through precise work, they will tally perfectly with the specifications for the core itself. The sizes taper toward the extremities. This enables greater flexibility and enhanced performance. Here too, technology and manual skills come together to contribute to the quality of each and every Funky board.

Choosing your materials

All boards need materials planned ad hoc for a specific use on the snow. For our board, Isacco fully explains each of the parts, starting with the fibreglass. Fibreglass is used throughout the board, and features above and below the bottom.

For medium-rigid flex, a triaxial fibre was chosen (of a weight of 690 grammes).

Another fundamental ingredient is vulcanized rubber. This very special rubber helps absorb the vibrations and enhances the gluing of critical zones of the board. Our board then includes carbon (four bands) for better pop and perfect reactivity on the snow.

The perfect Funky mix

The right materials, extreme attention to detail, constant feedback from a work team who are also snowboarders. These are just a part of what goes into our top class performing snowboards and their unique style!

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Isacco Mantegazza explains in 6 lessons how young people, next-generation technologies and crafts traditions can combine to produce unique snowboards with absolute top-class, unrepeatable performance ratings!

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