“Snowboard graphics and printing” Follow Lesson no. 3 by Maestro Isacco

lesson N°3

The first press proof

During this lesson, Isacco shows us how to print the graphic design we have already opted for and produced.

The first thing to do is to print a small part of the graphics, strictly on a 1:1 scale.

This initial press proof enables you to check the colours and various aspects of the graphics without wasting your colours. Isacco says you must make very sure the lines, characters and colours are very clear and clean cut.

From paper to polyamide

Omar, a young shaper and a member of Isacco's team involved in all its projects, cuts the polyamide to the exact sizes of the graphics. The tracing paper and polyamide are both placed in the sublimation apparatus where, in 10 minutes, the graphic design is transferred from one material to the other.

The surfaces must be absolutely perfectly aligned, one upon the other. This task, requiring a great deal of manual skill, is fundamental if the materials are to be combined correctly, with perfect binding between each.

The importance of the paint

The paper has transferred the ink to the plastic. Now it's time to paint it with a very thick coat which will allow for the bonding of the various parts of the board. The paint dries in 36 hours, after which it will be ready for use as the base for further work.

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Isacco Mantegazza explains in 6 lessons how young people, next-generation technologies and crafts traditions can combine to produce unique snowboards with absolute top-class, unrepeatable performance ratings!

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