“Snowboard design” Follow Lesson no. 1 by Maestro Isacco

lesson N°1

The story behind Funky boards

During his first lesson, Isacco shows us how Funky snowboards start out. They're all 100% crafted, 100% Made in Italy, 100% Funky. First we have the original freehand sketches on paper, in which the lines of the board first come to life. The drawing on paper is then digitalized and transposed as a perfect CAD work. The board we're going to produce is 151 cm long, ideal for people of a height of between 1.65 and 1.75 metres and a weight of 60 kg. This is one of the more popular boards for our slopes.

Choosing innovative materials

The snowboard model Isacco has selected for his six Samsung Maestros Academy lesson is very special, given its carbon content.

Carbon is vital for enhancing the reactive capacities of the board.

Given the particular arrangement of its fibres, carbon makes for immediate, reactive responses. Four bands of carbon are prepared, which shall then be added to the external parts of the board.

The second material which shall be inserted is triaxial fibreglass, of a weight of 690 grammes.

Isacco explains that this material shall make up the structure of the board and shall be fitted both above and below the wooden core. Thanks to the manner in which the fibres are arranged , the board's torsional capacities are enhanced, translating into improved grip.

Team effort

The Funky team includes graphic artists and designers (who are responsible for the structural aspect of the boards). We're shapers but we're also snowboarders! Funky boards all require discussion, brainstorming and exchanges of opinions. Isacco reckons unrivalled quality always depends on comparing notes.

The Funky team members each have their own special role, but all decisions are made together.

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snowboard shaper's course

Isacco Mantegazza explains in 6 lessons how young people, next-generation technologies and crafts traditions can combine to produce unique snowboards with absolute top-class, unrepeatable performance ratings!

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Lesson n° 1

Where does it all start? Snowboards, inspiration, study of forms, sketches and digital drawing work.

Lesson n° 2

The graphic design work makes for unique snowboards. Unique both performance-wise and look-wise! The inspiration and team spirit you need to create limited editions.

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Lesson n° 3

From digital graphic design to the work on the snowboard itself. Printing and application of graphic work on the board.

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Lesson n° 4

Cutting the components. Numerical-control machinery and the craft skills behind each and every snowboard layer.

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Lesson n° 5

All the secrets behind snowboard assembly. Use of materials with top performance ratings for perfect snowboards.

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Lesson n° 6

Meticulous, precise - the work required for a perfect finish. How do you test for the performance ratings of a snowboard once its been produced? Manual elasticity control. Lastly, serial number stamping.

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