Giovanni Pelizzoli

1,000 hours in the workshop

Giovanni Pelizzoli was born in Curno, in the province of Bergamo, in 1942. His career in the world of bicycles began at the age of twelve, thanks to his father – a bicycle mechanic.

He began bicycle racing the age of 14. It was a promising start, but his real interest lay in custom-building bikes, which can only mean made-to-measure frames.

He was therefore apprenticed to a craftsman from Bergamo, Ugo de Rosa, who taught him how to build and weld frames. Through de Rosa, Giovanni established contacts with other frame builders.

Giovanni, the young frame builder

In 1969, Giovanni created the CIÖCC brand and built the first frames, each bearing his name − Pelizzoli Giovanni. This was the signature guaranteeing absolute “perfection” in a made-to-measure bike. In 1993 he was contacted by the F.lli Masciaghi company, proprietors of the Fausto Coppi brand. This led to Giovanni’s commitment to top range racing frames for the company’s racing department and their professional team, team Polti (whose members have included Gianni Bugno, winner of the Tour of Flanders, Richard Virenque and Ivan Gotti, winner of the Tour of Italy).

In 1995, Giovanni made the world’s first aluminium frame. Gianni Bugno rode it to win the Italian championship.

It was a triumph born out of Giovanni’s desire to see one of his racers win while, as a builder of tubes, he experimented with innovative materials. And the racer, too, was a true talent himself!

Giovanni also build frames for world racers such as Morelon, Martinelli, Villa, Risi and Beusc, as well as single and tandem frames for the Italian cycling association, federazione ciclistica Italiana.

Ongoing innovation

While Giovanni also builds titanium and carbon frames he has recently returned to steel frames, with the joints and chrome-plating meticulously executed at all points and on all components.

Since 1983, his bikes have borne the Pelizzoli mark. Giovanni has risen to the status of top frame builder worldwide thanks to his ability to adjust the bicycle’s balance on the basis of the rider − ensuring top track performance and a full life-time guaranteed Made in Italy product.



In eight lessons, Giovanni Pelizzoli teaches the basics of frame building. An itinerary in which a master craftsman leads us into the fascinating world of handcrafted made-to-measure bicycles. Discover the secrets of a frame builder for many champions worldwide.

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Lesson n° 1

The concept of the perfect bike. The basic steps during racer fitting sessions. Transforming skeletal measurements into frame measurements. Project drawing (also using the latest technologies).

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Lesson n° 2

From design on paper to the fundamental components of the frame. Names and functions of all tubes or required frame joints. .

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Lesson n° 3

The importance of making a positioning jig: the key to top quality professional frame building. Required components and measurements of these components.

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Lesson n° 4

How to cut tubes and radius grind them. How to apply the finishing touches to tube-joint coupling for a perfect fit, right down to the very last millimetre, ready for welding. Choice of fork and fork positioning on the jig.

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Lesson n° 5

Building and positioning the front triangle on the jig. How to get the length of the oblique tube and check the front triangle.

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Lesson n° 6

Welding the bottom bracket and track welding the other tubes of the front triangle. All the secrets of perfect welding, to ensure maximum rider safety. How to check frame alignment, step by step.

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Lesson n° 7

Building and welding the rear triangle. Positioning and welding the fork tips. General frame check on testing bench. International tolerance margins and genuine “Made in Italy” tolerance margins.

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Lesson n° 8

All the secrets of a painter. How to mask frames for multi-colour graphics. Designing using digital technologies. Single-colour painting of a traditional steel frame.

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Giovanni Pelizzoli

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