“Colour integration” Follow Lesson no. 6 by Maestro Basiglio

lesson N°6

Colour integration techniques

Enzo's last lesson is dedicated to the final stage of restoration work. When re-painting artworks, three options can be taken up: hatching work, a mimetic approach or a mixed approach. Enzo reminds us that for all interventions on paintings, the Superintendancy will lay down specific guidelines regarding the technique of intervention. In most cases, hatching is recommended.

Mimetic, hatching and mixed integration

Mimetic work means integration of lacune where the spaces, or islands, with no original paint remaining, are fully worked over.

Hatching means use of texture that from a distance resembles the original colour scheme itself. However, when viewed close-up, the texture becomes clearly evident, thus indicating where the restoration work has actually taken place.

The mixed technique consists in a blending of the two approaches described above.

Restoring means dialogue

For restoration too, as for all aspects of Italian artisanship, there must be contact and communication between craftspeople and their clients (or, in this case, with the principal commissioning the work). Enzo explains the need for constant work-in-progress reports also to the Superintendancy.

Restoration is anything but easy! The problems that arise will always vary greatly in nature. Dialogue is fundamentally important. Equally important is our commitment to this uniquely gratifying field of activity!

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art restoration course

In 6 lessons Enzo Basiglio 'walks us through' the basics of modern restoring, where the traditions of yesteryear are supplemented with the innovatory "minimal intervention" approach. Using leading-edge technologies, interventions thus become increasingly precise and less invasive.

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Lesson n° 1

How to study a work of art before restoring it. Diagnostic analyses: the Wood's lamp, reflectography, backlighting and the video microscope.

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Lesson n° 2

Cleaning paintings with solvents and mixtures that will not degrade the original tone - including the triangular solubility graph and the empirical method.

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Lesson n° 3

What do we find hidden away behind a painting? How to remove the backing, clean the original canvas and uncover the secrets of yesteryear.

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Lesson n° 4

Consolidation and the hot table. Innovative methods for fixing colours and regenerating the canvas.

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Lesson n° 5

Stuccoing and levelling canvases. What is resin wax, and what's it used for?

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Lesson n° 6

All the techniques for integration of the colours in paintings: mimetic, hatching and mixed.

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