Enzo Basiglio Contemporary restoration “Reviving artworks to their former glory is absolute pleasure”.
Scopri i segreti dei restauri Gabbantichità.


in collaboration with Confartigianato

It's a job, but it's also passion!

Restorers love their work because they love art, and are aware that masterpieces of a calibre that only Italy has been able to provide must be protected over time.

There are so many artworks in Italy. So many that, unfortiunately, some have been abandoned to their fate. It's a shame, for Italy and her culture.

At their restoration studio, Gabbantichità, every day, Enzo and his wife, Donatella, enter a priceless world of extraordinary beauty. Their greatest satisfaction, they say, is when they manage to breathe new life into artworks, when canvases come to life once more.

Contemporary restoration

The Gabba family business is based in Tortona. Operational within the field of antiques and restorations since 1948, the firm was one of the first to embrace the theory of "minimal intervention" for optimal recovery and preservation of artworks.

Through diagnostic analysis, meticulous examination of each work, and non-invasive intervention, it is possible to bring to each work the original purity and integrity it displayed immediately after its completion.

Thanks to the use of next-generation technologies, ongoing attendance at professional update courses, research dedicated to optimising restoration from one work to the next and deployment of unreplaceable manual skills, today's interventions are increasingly precise and less invasive. The Wood's lamp, reflectography and the video microscope are (to name but a a few) innovations that have made 'care' what it is today, enabling us to 'shed new light' on our artistic and cultural heritage.



In 6 lessons Enzo Basiglio 'walks us through' the basics of modern restoring, where the traditions of yesteryear are supplemented with the innovatory "minimal intervention" approach. Using leading-edge technologies, interventions thus become increasingly precise and less invasive.

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Lesson n° 1

How to study a work of art before restoring it. Diagnostic analyses: the Wood's lamp, reflectography, backlighting and the video microscope.

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Lesson n° 2

Cleaning paintings with solvents and mixtures that will not degrade the original tone - including the triangular solubility graph and the empirical method.

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Lesson n° 3

What do we find hidden away behind a painting? How to remove the backing, clean the original canvas and uncover the secrets of yesteryear.

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Lesson n° 4

Consolidation and the hot table. Innovative methods for fixing colours and regenerating the canvas.

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Lesson n° 5

Stuccoing and levelling canvases. What is resin wax, and what's it used for?

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Lesson n° 6

All the techniques for integration of the colours in paintings: mimetic, hatching and mixed.

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