“The secrets of Ceramica Gatti 1928” Follow Lesson no. 6 by Maestro Servadei

lesson N°6

The workplace and its traditions and secrets

For five lessons we've seen how the famous Corona is produced at the Bottega Gatti workshop, step by step. The time has come to look at one of the most characteristic and exclusive of the methods used for each and every work produced at this establishment. This method's a genuine secret, handed down from one generation to the next. Thanks to this method, any form in terracotta can become a masterpiece!

Metallic lustre technique

The metallic lustre technique is truly amazing! And it's a speciality of this workshop. The technique has survived intact to this day, and we proudly hand it on to the masters of tomorrow. The result cannot be imitated.

The metallic lustre effect is obtained over a special copper-based coat. This is the only element capable of taking up the salts and glass nitrates which determine the unique metallic sheen.

After kilning at 920 degrees, the entire surface of the ceramic work is sprinkled with nitrates and noble salts.

Crafting secrets are what make workshops such very special places. We must safeguard these 'tricks of the trade'! They are, indeed, most precious. Nevertheless we gladly transmit to the generations of the future a sense of the wonder and magic behind such excellence.

When kilning works wonders!

Once more, it's the kiln that confers upon the object its unique, inimitable look. For the lustre technique, the kiln is set at 700 degrees. This provides us with an oxygen-free reducing environment, in which we have the transformation of the nitrates responsible for this special finish, for an iridescent coat with a firm consistency.

Surprises, time after time!

It goes without saying that this technique is a part of our daily routine. While unchanging, it's amazing how the colour effect itself will radically change each time. Even among objects kilned together. Davide and his colleagues see in this the magic that plays a part in their daily lives. The seasons, the outside temperature and air humidity levels all bring about special colour effects for these statues and ceramic artworks, admired worldwide.

Another very special feature associated with this technique is the craquelé effect (characteristic fine cracks for a very special, distinctive end result).

The value of crafts

If ever there was a scoop, this is it! However, it is just one of the invaluable techniques that are part and parcel of the work done at the Ceramica Gatti 1928 establishment. Here we see the heights that can be reached by faience work in Italy. We come to appreciate the virtues of the labour of craftspeople. We savour a very special, and unique, atmosphere. And we discover that ceramics is one of the most fascinating of all arts, and one also which readily picks up on innovations and new ideas. Ceramics is therefore a key sector, capable of attracting the attention of talented young craftspeople.

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ceramic art course

In 6 lessons, Davide Servadei shows us how to turn earth into artistic earthenware of the first order.

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