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The craftsman of time

Endless patience. maximum precision and.... care, care, care! All this is fundamental for watchmakers. The work must be carried out with absolute meticulousness. You must use top quality raw materials. You must innovate, and aim to create something inimitable. This is what Antonio and his sons do every day. Their watches are unique, because, as crafted products, they're produced entirely in Italy.

Modifications may be added to crafted watches to ensure true exclusiveness.

Maximum precision, the work of craftsmanship alone

The aim behind the Tarondo workshop, from the very start, was to produce watches made entirely in Italy, manually assembled piece by piece, to blend extreme precision with the traditions of Italy's artisans.

We Italians are capable of the most incredibly high quality work! Whatever we're up to, we'll always go the extra mile. It's the Made in Italy touch that counts.

Artisans of the future

Thanks to its research, study and ongoing updating activities the Laboratorio Tarondo workshop can ensure the production of modern watches without ignoring the claims of a great tradition of artisanship. All our watches come out of ancient know-how, new technologies and the inspiration provided by the world we live in.

Unique products must harmonise with the times we live in. A Tarondo watch embodies traditions, new frontiers of knowledge and new technologies.



In 6 lessons, Antonio Tarondo shows us how craftspeople make absolute precision watches.

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Lesson n° 1

Where to start when making a handcrafted watch. Inspiration, study of forms, the right choice of materials.

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Lesson n° 2

Adding that special, unique touch to what makes a watch a watch. Details on perlage, or perlée, and galvanization of the parts.

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Lesson n° 3

Plate, barrel, spring, bridge, ratchet and escapement. How to assemble the various parts of a watch, to hear what 'makes it tick'.

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Lesson n° 4

From traditional watch to chronograph. the difficulties you encounter as you assemble the basic components of the complicated mechanism of a chronograph.

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Lesson n° 5

Dial and hands. The precision work required to obtain correct movements. Inserting the watch into its case, and the traditional techniques adopted to engrave the mark.

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Lesson n° 6

The final mechanical testing stage. Then, lastly, adding the strap for the complete chronograph.

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