“How an innovative jewel is perfected” Discover Lesson 6 of master Andrea Boldi

lesson N°6

Laser technology and manual finishing

Here, too, technology allows us to intervene in a targeted manner, making results otherwise unthinkable possible. All the defects found on the ring can be corrected thanks to a high-precision laser. Each piece is then checked again in detail and finished by hand with great care.

Nothing will ever replace the eye and the hand of the artisan. The use of a laser now enables degrees of freedom that only 10 years ago would have been unthinkable.

Once it has been hand finished, the ring is subjected to a galvanic polishing treatment to bring out the shine of the metal according to standard procedures.

The brand

This is a stamped piece of metal that engraves the brand or logo of the factory and the alloy of the gold directly onto the ring.

Every piece of jewellery makes it possible to identity the manufacturer. By law, in fact, the brand must include the identification number registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Embellish a jewel

Every single thread of gold is polished with a cotton brush. This is a very meticulous task and has a huge influence on the final result. In the particular example illustrated in the tutorial, the craftsman then proceeds to insert the precious stones previously selected, then tightens each claw (prong) to make sure that the stones remain firmly in the ring. For many Nemesi objects, however, the stones are already embedded in the finished object.

Products Made in Italy and their market

The relationship with customers is the strength of products made in Italy. That's why a very personal relationship between a craftsman and each individual customer is created. Extreme attention must be paid to customers so that the craftsman is thoroughly familiar with the personality of the wearer. It is this relationship that helps craftsmen to develop their taste and production techniques year after year.

Innovation cannot be accomplished by the craftsman alone. It is the customer, along with the person creating the jewel, who leads us towards new goals and new aesthetics.

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The innovative goldsmith's course

In 6 lessons Andrea Boldi will explain how the technology of 3D printing and the great goldsmith tradition can create a unique and inimitable piece of jewellery.

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Lesson n° 1

How an innovative jewel is created. From the idea to the technical and graphic design. How to create the design for 3D production.

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Lesson n° 2

All the secrets of 3D printing. How it works, what its advantages are and how to make jewellery that would be impossible otherwise.

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Lesson n° 3

The tree and the cluster. How to combine 3D printing models and how to choose the best stones. The method for wax casting jewellery.

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Lesson n° 4

18-carat gold. The processing of the most famous alloy in the world. Pouring the gold in the cast.

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Lesson n° 5

Removing the plaster and tree cluster. How to gather the "fruits" and finish the ring.

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Lesson n° 6

Embellish a jewel. Inserting the precious stones and the finishing details that make a ring unique.

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