Andrea Boldi Innovative goldsmith “To create something new, you have to want to change the world”.
Discover the secrets of Nemesi jewellery


in collaboration with Confartigianato

Love, passion and innovation

Sometimes a great passion can become a solid and long lasting profession, one that gives a sense of complete satisfaction. This is true for Andrea, who has managed to combine a love for gold, precious stones and the old traditions with his curiosity about new technologies, transforming his insights and great dedication into the strengths of his company.

I love this work, I like to create and innovate.

And it is in the encounter between handicraft expertise and 3D printing that new forms and characteristics of Nemesi jewellery are born.

Succeed in making a change by starting with an idea

Nemesi was founded in 1994 with the purpose of making jewellery that had never been seen before. The innovative processes inaugurated by Andrea have made possible the creation of jewellery in shapes that would be impossible otherwise. An idea that until recently was simply impossible can see the light here.

I have completely changed the way we embed the stones: I make objects that already contain the space where I can embed the stones.

Technology has completely revolutionised production for Nemesis, and has removed all limits from creativity, but it has not changed the work of the craftsman. Extreme care, precision and passion are essential to creating jewellery of the highest quality, appreciated all over the world.

It takes brains, hands and heart to make a piece of jewellery. Continuous innovation lets you do something tomorrow that is different from what you are doing today. This is the real difference between craftsmanship and other jobs.



In 6 lessons Andrea Boldi will explain how the technology of 3D printing and the great goldsmith tradition can create a unique and inimitable piece of jewellery.

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Lesson n° 1

How an innovative jewel is created. From the idea to the technical and graphic design. How to create the design for 3D production.

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Lesson n° 2

All the secrets of 3D printing. How it works, what its advantages are and how to make jewellery that would be impossible otherwise.

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Lesson n° 3

The tree and the cluster. How to combine 3D printing models and how to choose the best stones. The method for wax casting jewellery.

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Lesson n° 4

18-carat gold. The processing of the most famous alloy in the world. Pouring the gold in the cast.

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Lesson n° 5

Removing the plaster and tree cluster. How to gather the "fruits" and finish the ring.

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Lesson n° 6

Embellish a jewel. Inserting the precious stones and the finishing details that make a ring unique.

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