Handcrafted hats

More than 50 production phases, over 3 weeks of work for each hat, top quality raw materials, artisan skill flanked by technological innovation... these are the ingredients that go into this timeless icon: the Borsalino hat. This product is crafted by hands which are capable of recognising the quality of the leather and feeling the slightest imperfections.

The secret is a rigorous production process with alternating machine phases and manual operations which guarantee the quality and checking of the finished product.

History and style

Over the decades, Borsalino hats have told the story of fashion, always keeping up with the times and bringing tradition and innovation together perfectly. Its constant research into new materials, textiles and colours, in perfect harmony with the design of new models and combinations has ensured Borsalino continues to be synonymous with style, elegance and above all undisputed representative of "Made in Italy".

Over the years, Borsalino has become one of those rare cases where a brand becomes synonymous with a product.

Manual creativity

In a world where the young are more interested in the product creation, planning and design phases, it becomes fundamental for companies like Borsalino to hand the essential importance of manual production which is at the basis of every artisan creation down to the new generations.

Only through careful generational exchange may we guarantee continuity for a company which not only represents a brand, but an authentic lifestyle.


A new way to dive into the Borsalino production secrets and to discover the places where, from generations, the world-renowned hats are born.



AliceRapetti explains how to create unique artisan hats in 6 lessons.

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Lesson n° 1

How an handcrafted hat is born. From melange, through blowing and basting.

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Lesson n° 2

The cloche and the early steps of pre-fulling and steeping.

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Lesson n° 3

How to dye a Borsalino hat. Shrinking the felt to ensure the proper size.

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Lesson n° 4

The last shrinking and stiffening processes to give the hat its final size.

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Lesson n° 5

Creating the crown, through blocking and pumicing.

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Lesson n° 6

The last steps: finishing and adding all the accessories that make a Borsalino hat unique.

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