A family passion – handed down from one generation to the next

Camicieria Siniscalchi was founded by Vittorio Siniscalchi as an artisan concern in 1948. Vittorio, who had always been fascinated by tailoring, decided he’d dedicate himself to the most intimate and personal of all menswear items, the shirt. Alongside underwear and made-to-measure pyjamas, shirts are a “second skin”.

In his father’s footsteps

In 1982, Alessandro decided he would work toward perpetuating the tradition of excellence which his father had initiated. From the very start, he decided he would not change the business’s original approach to shirtmaking from paper patterns – a meticulous procedure accompanied by care and attention paid to all the finishing touches (strictly handmade).

Tradition, with an eye on changes

As a talented shirtmaker, Alessandro decided his products should reflect new, contemporary influences. The shirts would no longer be only those worn with formal suits. He added casual, sports models, with patterns and an ever-changing array of new materials, to his products range.

Made in Italy – a philosophy underpinning successes

Customers are the real fashion designer of themselves. Our job is to provide a perfect rendering of what our customer wants. To do this we must really understand him, his true needs and, often, even his secrets.

Alessandro is quite certain there’s room for young shirtmakers in his sector. All it takes is patience and care over what you do. Shirtmaking is an old art. As an art, it is greatly admired and will always see growth.

Illustrious patrons

Siniscalchi’s shorts are worn daily by top businessmen, entrepreneurs, noblemen and opinion leaders from all over the world.
Among the most famous of his patrons are Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Herno, the Princes Barberino, the Counts Brandolini D’Adda and Hassan II of Morocco.



In eight lessons, Alessandro Siniscalchi explains the basic principles of his trade: making made-to-measure shirts while understanding and giving expression to the desires of the wearer, right down to the very last detail.

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Lesson n° 1

What does made-to-measure shirtmaking mean? How to make customers feel at their ease. How to understand our customers’ needs and how to take measurements correctly. The little secrets behind the comfort, elegance and superlative quality of a top class shirt.

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Lesson n° 2

How to aid customers when choosing fabrics. The importance of a very extensive samples archive and the new opportunities provided by technology. Now, let’s see how to arrive at our customer’s approximate size specifications and how to transfer the standard reference model onto paper.

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Lesson n° 3

When we have the standard paper pattern, we then look at how we can adapt it to the customer's real measurements. All the secrets behind shaping each part of the shirt to arrive at the perfect size for a made-to-measure item.

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Lesson n° 4

How to cut the initial cloth shirt and how to assemble the first prototype. The need to use a fabric which underscores all possible flaws.

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Lesson n° 5

Create the first collar for the fitting session. Fundamental stitching, adjustments and steps. Doing the first fitting session with the customer. How to assess flaws and note down changes.

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Lesson n° 6

Ironing, and all the false urban legends about using steam irons, sizing and softeners. The secrets behind ironing which lasts and which respects the quality of the fabric.

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Lesson n° 7

How to adjust the paper pattern to the changes required following the initial fitting session. And how to cut the fabric for the final shirt.

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Lesson n° 8

What to look out for during the second fitting session with the customer. How to note down the changes required, and how to accordingly modify the shirt.

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Lesson n° 9

The details that turn a shirt into a work of art. Collars with removable stiffeners and how they’re made.

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Lesson n° 10

Attaching the collar to the shirt and collar aperture. Cutting the cuffs and making the sleeve placket [fesino = fessino].

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Lesson n° 11

Cuffs, buttons, buttonholes, sleeves and all the details required for a top class shirt. How to produce them and why they are important.

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Lesson n° 12

Difference between fitting session stitching and final stitching of the shirt. Third fitting session with the customer and delivery of finished shirt.

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